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Patient Survey

Help us to understand your thoughts regarding our potential future changes ....


COVID-19 has brought much concern, sadness and despair. It has however enabled new ways of working to develop at times when urgent need to adapt to change was paramount to maintain our service.

We have taken stock of these changes and believe many may be here for the long term.

Please help us to understand your thoughts on our thoughts for the future Plas Menai Health service by completing this short survey ... your time, help and considerations are most appreciated. Thank you.

To complete the survey please access the following link:   



Request a COVID-19 test

Patients wishing to request a test for COVID-19 are to do so through this link:

Request Test

contact your doctors online and get a response by the end of the next working day

We have put together 7 simple steps to help you get the right healthcare and support, while also helping your local GP practice.

1. Follow the latest coronavirus advice and do not visit your GP practice if you or anyone in your household has symptoms – a high temperature

    or a new and continuous cough. There is no need to inform the surgery if you have these symptoms.

2. GP surgeries have changed the way they are working – they have adopted new measures to protect staff in the surgery. Doors are now closed

    and will be open to let those people in who have an appointment. Face-to-face appointments with a healthcare professional will only be

    confirmed after an initial telephone or video consultation.

3. Everyone with a routine or pre-booked appointment will be contacted on the day by a qualified clinician to assess whether you have

    coronavirus-related symptoms. If you don’t, your appointment will go ahead as planned.

4. If you need a repeat prescription, please don’t go to your surgery. Make the request online if you have registered for the service; by phone, if

    the surgery has agreed or put the request in the drop box the surgery has identified. If you are phoning, please ensure you have your existing

    list of medications to hand. All GP practices have been asked to let people know what their arrangements are for ordering repeat

    prescriptions. The time needed to process a repeat prescription request may be longer than you are used to so please consider this when

    ordering. If you are self-isolating, please ask someone else to collect your prescription on your behalf.

5. For routine enquiries, do not call your surgery first thing in the morning – call later in the day when the practice will have more time to handle

    your enquiry. The surgery might be short staffed so please do not call to chase up repeat prescriptions unless it is urgent.

6. We are asking everyone with symptoms of coronavirus – a high temperature or a new and continuous cough – to stay at home and do not

    leave your house for seven days from when your symptoms started. If you live with someone who has symptoms, you should also stay at

    home for 14 days. You do not need to tell your GP or call 111. If your symptoms worsen or if you are not better after seven days visit 

    NHS DIRECT WALES or call NHS 111. If it is an emergency dial 999.

7. There is no routine community testing for coronavirus. This may change – we will let you know if and when this happens.

….Our service changes for dealing with the Operational risk presented by COVID-19

As a result of the risk posed by COVID-19,  we have been required to make significant changes to the way in which we provide service to our patients.  With immediate effect the health center will:

1. Adopt a ‘Triage and Invite’ service – this means that ALL patients will be required to process through a telephone triage prior to being invited into the health center for an appointment.

2. NOT permit patients to attend the health centre without an invite to an appointment unless:

- They are delivering a prescription request;

- Dropping off samples;

3. NOT invite patients to attend the health centre at 8.30am to secure an appointment – all appointment are to be made by phone.

4. Require patients to uplift their prescriptions direct from their chosen pharmacy.

The health centre needs to retain resilience through this time and we ask our patients to support our changes and to also comply with the advice given by Public Health Wales

DO NOT attend the health centre if you feel you have COVID-19 symptoms.

We ask ALL our patients to support us at this time as we stand intent on doing our best to support you - we wish you all the best in health!!

Patient Information

For the latest advice and information about the Coronavirus please follow this link:

Coronavirus Guidance

...Our ACCESS Intentions... Help us to IMPROVE!!

As the Plas Menai Health Centre Partnership, we are intent on providing our patients with the best possible methods of accessing our service. To do this we ask for your support and understanding. …

So, what are our specific intentions in respect of ACCESS? We are intent on achieving a ‘standard’ which enables you to access our primary care service in a variety of methods, in a timely fashion and with appropriate and safe response. Our standards are specific.

They are:

Standard 1 – People receive a prompt response to their contact with a GP practice via telephone.

Standard 2 - Practices have the appropriate telephony systems in place to support the needs of people avoiding the need  

                            to call back multiple times and will check that they are handling calls in this way.

Standard 3 - People receive bilingual information on local and emergency services when contacting a practice.

Standard 4 - People are able to access information on how to get help and advice.

Standard 5 - People receive the right care at the right time in a joined up way which is based on their needs.

Standard 6 - People can use a range of options to contact their GP practice.

Standard 7 - People are able to email a practice to request a non-urgent consultation or a call back.

Standard 8 - Practices understand the needs of people within their practice and use this information to anticipate the    

                            demand on its services.

…So, what do we ask of you to help ACHIEVE these standards?

  • We recognise that in order to achieve the standards set we require your support and ask that you work with us to improve access into our service – for this to happen we specifically ask that:
  • You register to ‘My Health Online’ in order to be able to pre-book appointments;
  • Support our efforts to improve;
  • You complete our online ‘Access’ survey to feedback to us, anonymously, your thoughts – you can access this at this link Click
  • To engage with our Patient Engagement Group [PEG] should you have any specific matters that you wish to raise – you can do this by email at:

The Plas Menai Health Centre Partnership would like to thank all our patients

for the kind suggestions, comments and compliments that have

been placed with us in the last couple of weeks - we thought

it would be of interest to have them on this website with

our responses to each.

Again, thank you and the very best wishes and good health for 2020.

1. Why not have a "rate your doctor" scheme?   

PMHC Response:

Thank you for the suggestion and what an excellent idea, however, I suspect the doctors may understandably suggest otherwise. 

There is no contractual requirement for doctors to oblige in such a scheme and it may be rather counterproductive. 

I think our best preference would be to have some soft compliments or suggestions placed with us if any patients wished to comment about their service, whether good or indifferent.

2. When I phoned for a pharmacist appointment, it took time to get 13th in queue.  I waited through this and pressed for prescriptions from the menu.  By the time I waited and queued again, I was too late to get an appointment and was not offered a doctors appointment.  I went almost a week without medication.  Option 1 on the menu serves no useful purpose.   

PMHC Response:

Thank you for your submission. We are currently looking at ways of introducing different forms of access that may help with the way in which people connect with the Health Centre. 

Sometimes the phones do become overly busy and we are conscious of that. In respect of medication - you may be aware that we have a number of clinical staff who can now prescribe

so maybe an appointment with a doctor was not in fact needed on this occasion. I would recommend that you consider using the "My Health Online" facility. This will support your repeat medication needs and will reduce the requirement for you to come into the surgery - in time the option to book appointments will also be made available on this system so maybe now is a good time to get registered. If you call into the surgery or contact us direct then we can advise you on how best to register.

3. Just to say "thank you".  You do a difficult job looking after the health of our community at a time. when there are shortages in nurses/doctors and the NHS is under funded generally.  So thanks, have a good weekend.   

PMHC Response:

Thank you for your compliment - we are very appreciative that patients are aware of our challenges and the intent that we have to provide as good a service as possible.

4. I have now attended 3 appointments at Plas Menai.  On all 3 I have been unable to park in the ONE disabled bay as someone has parked there and not displayed their blue badge.  I have raised this with the people on reception on 3 occasions.   

PMHC Response:

Thank you for your comment.  We are mindful that on certain occasions the area designated for disabled parking is used by all.  It's a difficult matter to police and we do rely a great deal on the considerations of patients not to park in the area designated for use by those holding  "Blue Badge" Permits.  We have ample parking areas to the rear and the car park itself is only full on a couple of occasions for a short time during the day.

5. We would just like to say we think Judith, Kevin and Nicky deserve a xmas bonus for all their hard work they do.   

PMHC Response:  Thank you for your kind comment.  the partnership value all our staff and we are hopeful that all we do for them extends beyond a once a year bonus.

To see more recent Suggestions and Compliments then please do view our web page "Bill Board".

Patient Information

Health Centre Closure for Christmas and New Year

We wish to inform our patients that we will be closed during parts of the festive period, specifically: 

All day Christmas Day

All day Boxing Day 

All day New Year's Day

We would like to wish all of our patients, their families, carers and loved one a 

Merry Christmas and the best of Health for the New Year

Gwybodaeth i Gleifion

Y GanolfanIechyd Cyfnodau ar gau dros y Nadolig a'r Flwyddyn Newydd

Neges i'n cleifion byddwn ar gau am gyfnodau dros yr Wyl, yn benodol:

Drwy'r dydd ar ddiwrnod Nadolig

Drwy'r dydd ar Ddiwrnod Gwyl San Steffan

Drwy'r dydd ar ddiwrnod Calan

Nadolig Llawen i'n holl Gleifion, eu teulouedd, eu gofalwyr a'u hanwyliaid

a dymunwn y gorau o ran iechyd yn y Flwyddyn Newydd

Patient Engagement Group [PEG]

Monday, 25 November 2019 commencing at 6.30pm - PEG Agenda - November 2019

Flu Campaign 2019

Our next Flu Clinics are scheduled to take place on the following dates:

If you are over 65 yrs old

Tuesday, 22 October 2019 between midday and 5.30pm;

Thursday, 24 October 2019 between midday and 5pm;

To book your flu clinic appointment please call our Care Navigators on 01248 680 021 selecting Option 5.

Flu Campaign 2019

Our next Flu Clinics are scheduled to take place on the following dates:

If you are under 65 yrs old and at risk of flu:

Monday, 28 October 2019 between 9am and 5.30pm;

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 between 9am and 5pm;

To book your flu clinic appointment please call our Care Navigators on 01248 680 021 selecting Option 5.

Ymgyrch Ffliw 2019

Os ydych chi DROS 65 oed

Bydd ein Clinigau Ffliw nesaf yn cael eu cynnal ar y dyddiadau canlynol:

Dydd Mawrth, 22 Hydref 2019 rhwng ganol dydd a 5.30pm;

Dydd Iau, 24 Hydref 2109 rhwng ganol dydd a  5pm;

I archebu eich apwyntiad yn y clinig Ffliw, ffoniwch ein Cyfeirwyr Gofal ar 01248 680 021 gan ddewis Opsiwn 5.

Ymgyrch Ffliw 2019

Ar gyfer cleifion o dan 65 oed sy'n wynebu risg:

Bydd ein Clinigau Ffliw nesaf yn cael eu cynnal ar y dyddiadau canlynol

Dydd Llun, 28 Hydref 2019 rhwng 9am a 5.30pm;

Dydd Mercher, 30 Hydref 2109 rhwng 9am a  5pm;

I drefnu eich apwyntiad yn y clinig Ffliw, ffoniwch ein Cyfeirwyr Gofal ar 01248 680 021 gan ddewis Opsiwn 5.

mens health

We support Men's Health 

Plas Menai Health Centre is very keen to support Men's Health and provide useful information to our patients at the following link:    Forum


Rydym yn cefnogi iechyd dynion

Mae Canolfan Iechyd Plas Menai yn awyddus iawn i gefnogi  Iechyd Dynion a darparu gwybodaeth ddefnyddiol i’n cleifion ar y ganlynol:  Fforwm

Travel Health Clinic

Our new Travel Health Clinic is run by our Nurse Carol.  Travel Clinic appointments can be booked in through our Care Navigators.  The Clinics are held once a fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon.  Prior to your appointment you will be required to submit a Pre-Travel Health Clinic Questionnaire which can be found along with other useful information, on the above menu "Our Services - Travel Vaccinations" or via Travel.

We would appreciate that this questionnaire is completed and submitted 2 weeks in advance of your appointment.

Clinig Iechyd Teithio

Mae ein Clinig Iechyd Teithio newydd yn cael ei redeg gan Nyrs Carol.  Gellir trefnu apwyntiadau Clinig Teithio drwy ein Tywyswyr Gofal.  Cynhelir y Clinigau bob pythefnos ar brynhawniau Mercher.  Cyn eich apwyntiad bydd gofyn i chi gyflwyno Holiadur Clinig Iechyd Cyn-Teithio, y gellir dod o hyd iddo (ynghyd â gwybodaeth ddefnyddiol arall) : ar y ddewislen uchod "Ein Gwasanaethau - Brechiadau Teithio" neu drwy Travel - byddem yn gwerthfawrogi pe bai'r holiadur hwn yn cael ei lenwi a'i gyflwyno bythefnos cyn eich apwyntiad.

Suggestions and Compliments



Our new Diabetes Programme

We are developing a new programme for our Diabetes patients.  We will be writing out to all relevant patients shortly to advise them of the programme which will be beginning in March of this year.  If you have received this letter and wish to complete the survey in electronic form then please visit this link:        More information


Ein Rhaglen Diabetes newydd    

Rydym yn datblygu rhaglen newydd ar gyfer ein cleifion diabetig. Byddwn yn ysgrifennu at bawb perthnasol yn fuan, yn rhoi gwybod iddynt am y rhaglen, a fydd yn dechrau ym mis Mawrth eleni. Os ydych chi wedi derbyn y llythyr hwn ac yn dymuno cwblhau’r arolwg yn electronig, dilynwch y ddolen yma os gwelwch yn dda:        Mwy o wybodaeth


New staff joining our team..!!

The first is Dr Jens Foell.  Dr. Foell returns with his Welsh family to the local area and we are pleased to have him now on board as one of our salaried doctors. His working activities involve general practice and GPSI sessions in musculoskeletal medicine. He has until recently held the post providing undergraduate teaching at Imperial College London.  His interests as a GP and academic are pain medicine, mental health and education.

Dr Jens trained in Germany in Rehabilitation Medicine and has successfully integrated these hands-on skills into the work in General Practice. ‘Hands-on treatments have always fascinated me and studying in Berlin provided plenty of stimulation, seeing different social and political systems’.  Welcome Dr Jens!!

Also, we are pleased to announce that Charlotte Gregory has returned to the Health Centre as a Nurse Practitioner and will be taking forward the developments of our ‘First Point of Contact’ Minor Illness Clinic.  Charlotte, who is able to prescribe will be working four days a week and will be able to deal with those minor illness matters taking much of the strain and demand away from the GPs.  Welcome back Charlotte!

Staff newydd yn ymuno â’n tîm..!!

Y cyntaf yw Dr Jens Foell.  Mae Dr Foell yn dychwelyd gyda’i deulu Cymraeg i’r ardal leol ac rydym yn falch o’i gael yma fel un o’n meddygon cyflogedig. Mae’n gweithio fel meddyg teulu ac yn cynnal sesiynau arbenigol mewn meddygaeth gyhyrysgerbydol. Tan yn ddiweddar roedd yn gweithio yn Imperial College, Llundain, yn dysgu myfyrwyr israddedig.  Ei ddiddordebau fel meddyg teulu ac academydd yw meddygaeth trin poen, iechyd meddwl ac addysg.

Cafodd Dr Jens ei hyfforddi mewn Meddygaeth Adsefydlu yn yr Almaen ac mae wedi integreiddio’r sgiliau ymarferol hyn i’w waith fel meddyg teulu. ‘Mae triniaethau ymarferol wedi mynd â’m bryd i erioed ac roedd astudio yn Berlin yn ddiddorol tu hwnt, yn rhoi cyfle i weld gwahanol systemau cymdeithasol a gwleidyddol.’  Croeso De Jens!!

Hefyd, rydym yn falch o gyhoeddi bod Charlotte Gregory wedi dychwelyd i’r Ganolfan Iechyd fel Ymarferydd Nyrsio. Bydd hi’n symud y gwaith o ddatblygu ein Clinig Mân Anhwylderau ‘Pwynt Cyswllt Cyntaf’ ymlaen.  Bydd Charlotte, sy’n gallu rhoi presgripsiynau, yn gweithio bedwar diwrnod yr wythnos a bydd yn gallu delio â’r materion hynny yn ymwneud â mân anhwylderau, gan dynnu llawer o’r straen a'r galw oddi ar y meddygon teulu.  Croeso’n ôl Charlotte!



Information reference the closure of Llys Meddyg:   Closure       

Voluntary Transport Scheme is now in operation.

To understand more and to register    VTS

 Job Opportunities - Now closed

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

As of 25th May 2018, Primary Care providers are to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation  For more information, please visit this link GDPR

Y Rheoliad Cyffredinol ar Ddiogelu Data

Mae’n rhaid i bob darparwr gofal sylfaenol gydymffurfio â'r Rheoliad Cyffredinol ar Ddiogelu Data erbyn 25 Mai 2018.  Am ragor o wybodaeth ynghylch ein taith tuag at gydymffurfio â’r Rheoliad Cyffredinol, dilynwch y ddolen hon GDPR

Patient Engagement Group [PEG]

Why not join our Patient Engagement Group? The group currently meets once a month to discuss matters concerning the Health Centre. They are our critical friend and we very much value their input, time and direction. If you are keen to become involved then please do let us know by completing the detail at the following link: Join! A specific web page assigned to the work of the PEG can be found here 

Grŵp Ymgysylltu â Chleifion [PEG]

Beth am ymuno â’n Grŵp Ymgysylltu â Chleifion?  Ar hyn o bryd, mae’r grŵp yn cyfarfod unwaith y mis i drafod materion sy'n ymwneud â'r Ganolfan Iechyd.  Nhw yw ein cyfaill beirniadol ac rydym yn gwerthfawrogi eu mewnbwn, eu hamser a’u cyfarwyddyd yn fawr iawn.   Os ydych chi’n awyddus i gyfrannu, rhowch wybod i ni drwy lenwi'r manylion yn y ddolen ganlynol: Ymuno â!.  Mae tudalen benodol ar y we wedi'i neilltuo ar gyfer gwaith y PEG, sef Yma

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